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Manifested Happiness is about inspiring you melt stress and confusion away while facing your daily life challenges. It’s about finding happiness and awakening to your true purpose.

What does Manifested Happiness mean?

Like the sun, the inner Self is always shining, but because of negative clouds, we do not experience it. It is not necessary to program oneself with the truth; it is only necessary to remove that which is false. ~ David R. Hawkins

Manifested Happiness means that happiness is already yours, it is your innermost nature, and you don’t need to manifest it. What’s holding it back is the shadow side made by the negative beliefs and the ego patterns. When the shadow side is healed, the inner light shines and enlightens your life and others’.

Why Manifested Happiness?

I believe that growth is essential and innate in each individual. And the growth journey will bring various challenges that will sharpen our desires and focus. Such challenges could be bearable or seem difficult to overcome.

You may find yourself regularly, in situations where immersed and stressed by your daily life challenges. The focus is so much great on what is and on what is perceived as negative. You may assume that such challenges shouldn’t have taken place. As a result to this perception, stress and confusion arise. You start taking actions either as an escape of the situation or as an attempt to eliminate it from your life. And you feel that you are stuck on those patterns and unable to live the flowering life that you deserve! Everyone had been through this or still encountering such experiences.

I created Manifested Happiness with the intention to inspire and help all of us to heal the shadow side and release the inner blocks that prevent from living a harmonious and joyful life. At this state of inner freedom, clarity and bliss, you can discover your true purpose that will not only let you live the life of your dreams, but will also be of service to the whole and deeply affect others’ lives.

Manifested Happiness Podcast

The Podcast consists of insightful and profound interviews with spiritual healers, teachers and experts, in addition to other outstanding people who are living a joyous and thriving life. The interviews will help you heal and free yourself from adversity and the stress of your daily life challenges. They will help you transform your life and live your true purpose.





About Me


My name is Moncef Afkir. I’m from Morocco. I dived into and studied the Self-empowerment and Spirituality field for many years. I graduated in Telecommunication Engineering. Passionate about nature, music and self discovery. You can find me on Twitter @MoncefAfkir or on Facebook Moncef Afkir.





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