Podcast 11: Erin Ginkel – Letting Go of Negative Thoughts & Beliefs

negative thoughts,positive energyWhen you see things from the soul’s eyes, there is not a problem to solve anymore, nothing to figure out, ever. ~ Erin Ginkel

Join us and learn from Erin Ginkel as she shares with us her profound insight and advice on how to let go of negative thoughts and beliefs and know true freedom.

Erin Ginkel is a coach and facilitator, her innate gift is to help her clients see past the negative stories they’ve been telling themselves. When she watches people come to the quiet realization that they have the power to change those negative thoughts, the energy in that moment is what makes her soul come alive.

She graduated from the Clarity Coaching Institute and became a CTA Certified Life Coach. With a passion for seeking out positive energy, she studied the art of Reiki and became a licensed Level II Reiki practitioner. She also worked extensively as a facilitator for Outlook Development, a professional self-empowerment organization.

Knowing that everything she had experienced so far had led up to this exciting new life, she left an 11-year career with Citibank to run her own coaching, consulting, and Reiki business. Since that day her bliss and her very purpose in this life has become to help other see their souls shine too.

Today with a vast history of personal and educational experience and a compassionate, candid approach, she helps lost souls discover and release the painful negative thoughts that keep them from realizing their dreams.

What’s in this Episode

0:50 – About Erin

2:00 – How to define the “True Self” in comparison to the ego

3:25 – True source of courage and how to let go of negative thoughts and beliefs

7:10 – How to sustain the healing from negative thoughts and beliefs and not fall back again in the ego patterns

10:30 – Our true purpose

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