Podcast 10: Grace Quantock – Sick Chick Turned Wellness Trail Blazer

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Join us as Grace shares her truly inspiring story of spiritual healing, overcoming obstacles and living her passions and dreams in spite of the sickness, challenges and limitations she’s been through. She managed to move from surviving to thriving.

Grace Quantock, former “sick chick turned wellness trail blazer”, speaker, writer and entrepreneur activator – she blazed her own trail to healing and now helps others to do the same.

She speaks about overcoming challenges and living well when your life has limits. She makes books and tools to help you build resilience and thrive – no matter the challenge. She facilitates spiritual healing and add daily sparkle through energy work.

She teaches how to Turn Trail Blazer, build a plan for healing in The Phoenix Fire Academy and how to make a change-the-world-build-a-business dreams a reality in The Phoenix Flight School.

She helps people that are frustrated by living with limits and want to heal. With her years of experience living with serious illness she created and navigated her own Healing Journey and studied hard at self-taught “Healing University.” In the last 6 years she has moved from surviving to thriving! And now she helps others heal and remove obstacles that block their sparkle.

Trail Blazing Wellness promotes physical and spiritual wellness for us all (including those called ‘sick’ or ‘disabled’). No matter one’s faith, her brand of spirituality focuses on the meshing and marriage of spiritual and physical health.


What’s in this episode

0:50 – About Grace Quantock.

1:15 – How her spiritual healing journey started.

4:35 – The biggest challenges she faced.

6:25 – How her divine relationship to her husband Linus helped her in her spiritual healing.

8:50 – About her bones’ scan experience and deciding to live her dreams.

12:05 – Grace’s message about overcoming obstacles and limitations.

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Grace’s website
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