Podcast 07: Jason Foster – Emotional Healing from Old Wounds

emotional healing

Join us as Jason shares his profound insight and advice on emotional healing from old wounds.

Jason Foster, MA, LMHCA.  He provides counseling services for couples, individuals, and families.  He takes a gentle, client-centered approach to counseling, often using techniques of mindfulness-based, body-centered psychotherapy.

He draws on elements of mindfulness, systems theory, and various techniques such as narrative therapy, structural therapy, and solutions-focused/hope therapy.  Through conversation with his clients, he offers an ever-deepening awareness of the nature of their problem, and through this understanding, it is his hope that you will discover new ways of seeing and new ways of being.


What’s in this episode

0:55 – About Jason Foster

1:30 – Definition of “old wounds” and how they can affect us

3:40 – Why forgiving others may seem to be so difficult?

4:30 – A philosophy for relationships

5:45 – Advice on emotional healing from old wounds

9:15 – Jason’s last message

Interview links

Jason’s website

For people who are considering working with Jason, they can contact him, and schedule a free 25 minute consultation.

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