Podcast 14: Dr Jenn Royster – Developing Intuition

Developing IntuitionJoin us as Dr Jenn shares her very deep insight on how developing intuition can make a profound change in our lives as well in how we co-create at a collective level.

Dr Jenn is an internationally known Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Visionary, Speaker, Writer and Radio Host of  The Jenn Royster Show.

She holds several degrees including Doctor of Divinity, Ordained Spiritual Minister, M.S in Metaphysics, and Reiki Master. Jenn is well known for her innovative style in Intuitive Reads, Energy Healing, Spiritual Crisis Support and Guidance, Akashic Record Reads, Soul Retrieval and Support for Empaths. Her work with empaths has gained respect with many Medical Doctors and Psychologists, who refer patients to her for Spiritual Counseling when clinical routes show no results. A positive move forward in showing the importance and power that Energy Healing brings to healthcare.

Her live workshops, webinars and lectures include: Intuitive Development, Raising Intuitive Children, Energy Healing, Life of an Empath, Connecting with Angels and Spirit Guides, Deprogramming the Doubt, The Eight Chakra and Intuition, Manifesting Your Dreams, and Intuitive Painting.

What’s in this Episode

1:15 – About Dr Jenn Royster

2:45 – What is intuition and how to differentiate between it and the thoughts that come from the mind?

4:20 – How to listen to the heart message when confused and stressed by challenging experiences?

7:20 – How to behave when the mind wants total clarity, safety and very fast manifestation, but the heart choices lead to the unknown and need long time to unfold?

14:05 – The positive impact on a collective level when people start living based on their heart choices.

15:05 – Dr Jenn’s message

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