Podcast 04: Joree Rosenblatt – Mindful Parenting

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[Mindful parenting] is the practice of parenting consciously and with intention. ~Joree Rosenblatt

Join us as Joree shares her profound insight and advice about mindful parenting and cultivating a mindfulness practice to deepen the connection with your kids.

Joree Rosenblatt has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and is currently completing her licensure towards becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist. Joree teaches her original mindfulness curriculum onsite in educational settings, leads faculty and staff development trainings, as well as runs Mindful Parenting programs onsite at schools and in the community. She works with individual, couples and families and is also the counselor onsite at an independent K-8 private school in northern California. She has done extensive training, both personal and professional, in different areas of mindfulness, including Mindfulness in Education as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

What’s in this episode

0:50 – Joree’s experiences

1:55 – What is mindful parenting ?

5:20 – Balancing between work, giving enough attention to children and following one’s passion and goals

8:50 – How to trust your children to be their authentic self instead of controlling how they should be

12:00 – The parents’ responsibility is guiding their children

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