Podcast 08: Julie Holt – Shifting Our Negative Thoughts

negative thoughts

Join us as Julie Holt shares her profound insight and advice on how to shift our negative thoughts to create the life we love.

Julie Holt is a licensed therapist (LMHC). Her experience in mental health began 15 years ago with the Crisis Line, then with Seattle’s Shanti program, and then with Compass Health as a psychotherapist. She currently works in private practice as a therapist seeing adult and adolescent individuals and couples.

She personally understands the depth of ongoing self-exploration that goes into leading a gratifying and fulfilling life that she is happy and amazed to live. From the love in her life with friends, romance, and family to the mental stimulation and engagement with life she feels in her hobbies to the life’s purpose she fulfills everyday in her work, she gets what it takes to have a life that’s close to her own ideal.

What’s in this episode

1:00 – About Julie Holt

1:40 – Changing our life by shifting our negative thoughts

3:55 – What to do when feeling stuck in a momentum of negative thoughts?

6:30 – A simple practice to make negative thoughts shifting smoother

7:35 – Julie’s message

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Julie’s website

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