Podcast 05: Laura Clark – True story of finding happiness, joy and purpose.

finding happiness

Join us as Laura shares her incredible story of finding happiness, joy and purpose.

Laura P. Clark is the founder of SoulWiseLiving.com. Her passion is showing entrepreneurial and professional women how to be inspired through their own personal wisdom and power. This passion has led her to work with clients in learning how to slow down the pace of their hectic lifestyle and businesses to listen to their own true self. By doing so, they are able to find greater peace and joy in their lives which ultimately leads to more success and abundance in their work.


What’s in this episode

1:00 – Overview of Laura’s work

2:00 – The beginning of Laura’s spiritual journey

4:30 – Having the epiphany

6:10 – First steps into the path of finding happiness and joy

7:25 – Her advice on how to face life’s challenges

9:20 – Finding happiness is a divine birthright to everyone in every moment

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