Podcast 15: Lisa Jaya Waters – Lighten Up Your Life with Frequency Facilitation

lisa jaya waters,lisa waters

Join us in a uplifting discussion with Lisa Jaya Waters, where you will know that you are always supported to create the desired changes in your life. You will also discover how her powerful frequency facilitation can help you in that.

Lisa Jaya Waters founded Self Synthesize! determined to create a diverse platform for empowering individuals in all aspects of their lives. From modest beginnings, Lisa’s enthusiasm has helped Self Synthesize! grow into a trusted name in the Human Potential industry. Her diverse educational and experiential  background and deep understanding of the human condition have made her a cherished speaker being interviewed on numerous shows and summits. She lovingly dedicates herself to facilitating lasting transformation and harmony! Creating an unusual working model, Lisa’s vision of empowerment permeates all aspects of Self Synthesize! and its growing team for whom work transforms into passion and a shared entrepreneurial experience; truly an organization permeated with joy at all interfaces!

Lisa’s undergraduate work at the University of Arizona inspired her interest in conscious sustainable enterprise. A Phi Beta Kappa, Suma Cum Laude graduate, she went on to accomplish twelve years of social service in India. She completed her MA in Integral Theory at John F. Kennedy University with an interest in applying embodied applications of Integral Theory to transition at individual, organizational, and global levels. She has co-authored several articles on aspects of Integral Theory published in various volumes. She recently published “Infinite Moment”, a practice journey into self empowerment. Deeply immersed in her practice of Iyengar Yoga, with more than 20 years experience teaching yoga, she has conducted yoga workshops throughout the world. She recently won the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest continuous yoga attempt! As a licensed professional Integral Master Coach, Lisa plays with the interface between mind, body and spirit in individuals and groups using, yoga, coaching, and Self Synthesize! Frequency facilitation; a truly delightful and life changing experience for anyone who has experienced her work! She created her trademarked Circle of Self Care coaching program to provide a comprehensive, self actualizing method of sustainable and lasting transformation for organisations and individuals alike.

What’s in this Episode

1:30 – About Lisa Jaya Waters spiritual journey

8:20 – Examples of people who had an impressive shift in their lives after experiencing The Self Synthesize!® process

11:10 – Lisa’s advice when facing difficult times

15:50 – Trusting in the divine timing

23:05 – Frequency facilitation (very deep experience)

Interview Links

Lisa’s Website
Lisa’s Facebook
Lisa’s Twitter
Lisa’s show at BlogTalkRadio



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