Podcast 19: Michelle Carter – Discover Your True Inner Self

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Michelle Carter is the founder of Pure Love Transmissions and has become famous for her International Energy Channel and powerful energy releases.

With the ability to connect direct to Divine Energies and channel very powerful energy transmissions, Michelle changes the lives of those who work with her and use her audios.

Michelle’s vision is a life where people spontaneously smile for no reason, with love overflowing to all they meet, and life for everyone is full of joy, happiness and laughter!

Michelle believes this life is possible through energy work and has found releasing unwanted energy and filling with love is a very powerful way to change your life.

All the information on Pure Love Forever has been compiled with Love & Light to help anyone who is seeking to find a better life, inner peace, your True You!

Michelle’s energy healing, started with reflexology and touch therapies, in 2005. Through her own personal illness, she discovered the Amazing Power of Energy Releasing, and has been totally surprised with the success this type of healing, which she now uses to heal not just the physical body, but also to clear the mind of beliefs & patterns which stop us all being happy!

Michelle loves a challenge and enjoys helping people to recover from illness, stay well and to discover their true selves.

During our time with Michelle we will discover:

  • Why is it so important to love yourself?
  • Discover the root cause of unhappiness, illness and dis-harmony.
  • How releasing unwanted energies and filling with love can be a very powerful way to change your life.
  • How to ‘feel’ what is a ‘real truth’ for you, what will make you happy, and how you can change your life and choose to be happy.
  • How mastering the skill of feeling can help you take the right decisions in your major life events.
  • What is Unconditional Love, and how it can help you make a positive difference to your life and to the world.


Interview Links:

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Michelle’s Book – Loving You: Discover Your True Inner Self
Michelle on Facebook
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