Podcast 01: Paige Burkes – How to Practice Mindfulness When You are Too Busy

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Join us as Paige shares her profound insight and advice on mindful living and how to practice mindfulness in spite of the busy pace of life.

Paige Burkes is the founder of Simple Mindfulness. She’s a mother of three awesome kids, writer, entrepreneur, mentor, yogini and finance executive. She helps people find more happiness and achieve their dreams. Her passion is to support and work with as many people as possible to guide them along their path to living their own version of the good life.


What’s in this episode

1:20 – Paige’s journey to self discovery

3:35 – How Paige applies mindfulness in her busy life

5:40 – Inspiration from nature about mindfulness

7:10 – How to practice mindfulness in our daily life

9:20 – Everyone can bring mindfulness and happiness in their life

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