Podcast 17: Tahira Aziz – Energy Healing of the Past Negative Patterns

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Join us in this very powerful episode with Tahira Aziz, where she talks about the power of energy healing, and her own healing modality that releases the barriers which keep you “energetically stuck in the past”. She will also be guiding you through a very profound healing meditation.

Tahira grew up very passionate about science who was completely left brained. Her parents immigrated to the UK when she was young and she grew up feeling completely misplaced. By the age of 16 she was extremely depressed and actually had an out of body experience similar to dying that she now realizes was her awakening to become a light worker.

However that didn’t make life any easier. She found herself married to a man who was in love with someone else, raising a child, watching her weight balloon due to stress and thousands of pounds in debt… something had to give. Her breakdown occurred in a doctor’s surgery and she walked out with a prescription for antidepressants despite not wanting to go down that road.

Looking for a better way …Tahira found energy healing 12 years ago and surprisingly discovered it also completely satisfied her “inner geek” as well. She became an EFT Master Practitioner and was also certified in Emotrance, The Emotion Code, Pranic Healing, ITM (developed from the Yuen Method) while practicing The Body Code as well.

From working on herself and with clients she found that over 95% of all symptoms start in the mind due to negative thinking, negative beliefs and negative emotions. To protect ourselves we build barriers against situations or people and these lead us to be “energetically stuck in the past”. So Tahira developed a technique for releasing these barriers simply and effectively with amazing results that made her stand out from other healers.

She believes that if she can change her life around, get out of extreme debt, improve her health and find her life’s purpose than everybody can. She explains “I was the greatest disbeliever and still have an inner geek that needs to be satisfied, but my results and my work show that truly everything you set your mind to is possible. Never give up!”

What’s in this Episode

0:50 – Tahira Aziz healing story

9:30 – Guided energy healing meditation

23:10 – Tahira shares true energy healing stories

28:50- Tahira’s advice when past negative patterns keep manifesting in your life.


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