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The Importance of Affirmations in Manifesting - Manifested Happiness
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What exactly is an affirmation?

At its core, affirmations are statements about goals of what you want. It could be financial, it could be romantic. It could really involve any facet of your life. But the key here, is that it has to be something that you want, and believe that you can achieve.

Affirmations are a way of practicing manifesting as part of the law of attraction. Lets say your goal right now is to build your business. You may not have started a business, or even have an idea, but if your goal is to build a business that brings in a six figure income, your affirmation could be “I am surrounded by wealth”, or something similar relating to manifesting abundance in your life. The key here is you have to believe that it is possible before it actually happens.

Now, simply believing that your wealthy will not in fact make you wealthy. The idea behind affirmations is that you’re creating a mindset that allows you to be more open to the potential in your life that will allow you to take the steps necessary to move towards whatever your affirmation is. Those deeply in tune with the law of attraction would say that you’re creating a vibration that will attract wealth to you by using these affirmations. For those new to the concept, I think its easier to think of it as you’re priming yourself to be aware of all the possibilities in your everyday life.

Four ways to use Affirmations to practice Manifestation:

So, you’ve got your affirmation, what do you do with it? There are many options, but its most important that you do what feels right to you. Take a look at the list below to get some ideas on how to start, but be creative!

  1. Some people find it helpful to repeat their affirmation as a mantra, you could repeat it to yourself in the mirror as you get ready in the morning.
  2. Journaling can be a very effective tool when practicing affirmations – often writing down the goal can help make it feel more real, as if you’re already achieving the goal you’re thinking of.
  3. Some even like to write it down and place it under their pillow when they sleep. This helps keep it top of mind as you’re falling asleep, and potentially even incorporating it into your subconscious thoughts as you sleep.
  4. If you meditate (which you should – check out my post on meditating and how it relates to manifesting), try focusing on your affirmation during meditation.

There are many more ways to incorporate affirmations into your practice. If you’re interested to learn more about manifesting, take a look at my e-book on manifesting and using the law of attraction to achieve your goals for more information!